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In the runup to MIFIDII/MIFIR the number of LEIs pent-up

The number of LEIs

As the saying goes ‘one picture is worth a hundred words’
Here is the image of the number of LEIs created by the LOUs in 2017.

La liste noire des paradis fiscaux en 2016

La France vient d’actualiser sa liste noire des pays considérés comme des paradis fiscaux. Le Panama y fait son entrée suite au scandale des Panama Papers.

via La liste noire des paradis fiscaux en 2016 – Impôt sur la fortune – Le Particulier.

The ROC publishes the policy regarding the collection of information on direct and ultimate parents

Find here the link

The second stage of the LEI rocket is now being launched! October 19th, a deadline.

The LEI ROC has launched a rocket (euh…sorry, a public consultation) dated September 7th, 2015, on how the GLEIS should start collecting data on direct and ultimate parents of legal entities which have an LEI.

LEIROC Consultation on hierarchies, Sept 2015

Answers to the consultation can be posted until October 19th, 2015.

The Future of the IRB approach: a major discussion paper launched by the EBA. Respond by May 5th.

The EBA has published a discussion Paper on a major Topic, namely  the evolution of the IRB approach. Responses may be submitted before May 5th, 2015.

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