Important and strategic! IOSCO launches consultation on cross-border regulation.

Comments to be submitted by February 23rd,  2015

The key mandate of the Task Force in charge of this matter is:

  • To develop a cross-border regulatory toolkit (Toolkit), containing common terminology, of regulatory options for use by IOSCO members. This includes highlighting the characteristics associated with various approaches to cross-border regulation and the impact that the use of such cross-border regulatory tools may have on investor protection, markets and systemic risk.
  • Where appropriate, to lay a foundation for the development of guidance on the coordinated use of the Toolkit to help IOSCO members consider how a particular tool can be used to achieve IOSCO’s three core regulatory goals: protection of investors, ensuring that markets are fair, efficient and transparent, and reduction of systemic risk.

In undertaking this mandate, the Task Force will, among other things, also take into account the following:

  • IOSCO core regulatory goals of investor protection, ensuring that markets are fair, efficient and transparent, and reducing systemic risk.
  • The impact and relevance of cross-border regulatory tools on the relevant IOSCO objectives and principles of securities regulation, including the principles relating to the regulator, principles concerning supervision and enforcement, and principles for cooperation in regulation.
  • Whether and how IOSCO may facilitate the development and implementation of crossborder regulatory tools.

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