LEI News: CMS Group launches “LeiGoLive!” a one-stop shop to access the GLEIS

Hello everybody!

If you are struggling to obtain your LEI in the rush-hours before EMIR is fully implemented, this is the place!: CMS Group launches today its advisory services and tools “LeiGoLive!”

LeiGoLive! Services

We will assist you -no matter where you are or your legal Entity is- in all the process, and get your LEIs for you. Forget about connecting to the LOUs and going through the delta and full files!

This is now proving especially useful for Funds based in Luxembourg (the flavor of the day, courtesy of EMIR).

Phone to +33170922339, or send an e-mail to leigolive@cms-g.com

Elsa and her team will be more than delighted to inform you and take care of your needs. They speak English, French and Spanish. More coming if needed!



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